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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Network Technology Integration and Software Services

Rapidsoft Systems has a legacy of network technology expertise - a company started by world's leading network technology specialists. We didn't acquire this expertise just in the universities- but in addition by building complex networking products, writing standards documents and leading world class research in the areas. We have led research and innovations in the networking field for years. As matter of fact, our chief executive still reviews academic research papers for prestigious journals and conferences in the networking field to stay updated.  Technology is a true passion for us not just a job. And, we built some of the largest switching and routing products, and also deployed numerous networks.

Overview of IP Networking Related Services
Our key Networking Services are:

Network Design and Deployment
Rapidsoft Systems offers design and implementation services for your network Infrastructure no matter what the size. Whether you need a new network or if you are updating an existing network, we can provide a design and implementation solution for you. We are experienced in Cisco, Juniper, Barracuda, Windows Server, Linux, Net Screen, Nortel, Alcatel and Linux Network Server technologies. Our engineers are skilled in Network Security, VoIP, Active Directory, Wireless Access Point installations, Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN set ups. See our Network design services for more details.

Network Software Development
Rapidsoft Systems has extensive expertise in the implementation and design of Network technology products. We specially can write software of technology products. We have worked on designing routers, switches, base station code, cable modem code and all other software systems. We can do custom hardware and embedded system design, write device drivers and work with various real time operating Systems (RTOS). Our founders have been involved in the development technology products and key standards in such prestigious organizations such as IETF, IEEE, Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and 3 GPP. Check our Networking software design services for more details.

Network Management
Rapidsoft Systems provides in-house and remote Network Management based on our customers specific requirements needs. Our network engineers can remotely manage your any size network. Regardless of size of your network, we have a solution that is just right for you. We utilize industry leading network management and monitoring tools. Our services are designed to reduce cost of operations, increase customer service and provide a strategic approach to support that will drive the greatest Return on investment. We offer 24x7 coverage to all our customers. Since we don't sell hardware - we have no obligation to any one other than our customers. We are not here to push any specific hardware to you.

Network design and maintenance (including wireless)
New technology integration and upgrading old technology
Connectivity of new offices
Secure remote access
Security and performance monitoring
24x7 coverage for network emergencies
Coverage for absent System Administrators or technicians
Wireless Networks Design and Implementation
Wi-Fi networking and mobile networking are revolutionizing businesses world wide. In today/s competitive environment, innovative services and applications are critical in helping companies maintain agility and differentiation.

Rapidsoft Systems offers a complete integrated wireless solution utlizing the best of technology options. We provide wired + wireless technology integration that it is backed by our years of experience in designing secure networks that can keep you safe from hackers and security breaches. Also see our security services.

Benefits of Rapidsoft's Wireless Services

World class performance and coverage in a complete solution
Highest possible security
Easy to manage and use
Cost effective deployment
Scalability and flexibility
Data Center Set Up and Collocation Services
Rapidsoft Systems can organize collocation services for you in suitable facility meeting your particular requirements. It doesn't matter if your need is for 2 servers or 2000 servers - Rapidsoft Systems will be able to meet your needs and create solutions. Our engineers have experience in working with and supporting almost every major operating system, from Windows Server to Unix and Linux.

Why Rapidsoft Systems:
With over 350+ software projects executed, you can simply count on our expertise, experience in giving you the right solution at absolutely lowest possible cost. If you would like more information, or want us to submit an estimate or a "no-obligation" quote for your project, contact us for more information.

Monday, February 15, 2016

What Is Network Security?

What is network security? How does it protect you? How does network security work? What are the business benefits of network security?
You may think you know the answers to basic questions like, What is network security? Still, it's a good idea to ask them of your trusted IT partner. Why? Because small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often lack the IT resources of large companies. That means your network security may not be sufficient to protect your business from today's sophisticated Internet threats.

What Is Network Security?

In answering the question What is network security?, your IT partner should explain that network security refers to any activities designed to protect your network. Specifically, these activities protect the usability, reliability, integrity, and safety of your network and data. Effective network security targets a variety of threats and stops them from entering or spreading on your network.

What Is Network Security and How Does It Protect You?

After asking What is network security?, you should ask, What are the threats to my network?
Many network security threats today are spread over the Internet. The most common include:
  • Viruses, worms, and Trojan horses
  • Spyware and adware
  • Zero-day attacks, also called zero-hour attacks
  • Hacker attacks
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Data interception and theft
  • Identity theft

How Does Network Security Work?

To understand What is network security?, it helps to understand that no single solution protects you from a variety of threats. You need multiple layers of security. If one fails, others still stand.
Network security is accomplished through hardware and software. The software must be constantly updated and managed to protect you from emerging threats.
A network security system usually consists of many components. Ideally, all components work together, which minimizes maintenance and improves security.
Network security components often include:
  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware
  • Firewall, to block unauthorized access to your network
  • Intrusion prevention systems (IPS), to identify fast-spreading threats, such as zero-day or zero-hour attacks
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), to provide secure remote access

What are the Business Benefits of Network Security?

With network security in place, your company will experience many business benefits. Your company is protected against business disruption, which helps keep employees productive. Network security helps your company meet mandatory regulatory compliance. Because network security helps protect your customers' data, it reduces the risk of legal action from data theft.
Ultimately, network security helps protect a business's reputation, which is one of its most important assets.


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Trustworthy Computer Services for businesses of all sizes

Trustworthy Computer Services for businesses of all sizes

Net-Tech is committed to providing dependable Computer Support to growing businesses. With Network Services that is better mapped to your everyday business processes, you can finally focus on running your business.
We offer the IT Services that can drive your business to become more profitable, productive, and stress-free.
With Net-Tech as your trusted partner in IT, you can:
  • Enjoy greater productivity – more uptime means more work time
  • Concentrate on your core business – technology concerns are our responsibility
  • Maximize your return on IT investment – customized technology pays for itself faster
  • Protect everything you’ve worked for – with world-class security for your network and data
  • Relax – while we take the worry away
Net-Tech provides the Computer Support that can take the focus off of your technology, and put it back on your business. With Network Services and expert IT Consulting, we provide everything you need to keep your technology running at its optimal level, so you can concentrate on what’s really important.
Our goal is to simplify your IT Support requirements and provide the services you need, by doing this we are able to create a better IT experience.

Friday, November 14, 2014



In this age of technological progress, it is important to keep his business now and keep an eye on their strengths and weaknesses. Telecommunications a central role in any business organization or office, and play an important role in managers and executives to maintain contact another within the same organization or with the outside world. They are aware of the fact that stay on you in touch with all the people under you and the people with whom you need to stay to do. It is for this reason that most companies spend on telecommunications services. Every business, large or small, has to deal with the great gifts of the technological challenges and the best solution to meet their needs.

It can be self-evident that the larger and more complex a company or an organization is, the more complex system, telecommunications and various requires. The system larger and more complex telecommunications is the most expensive and be unwieldy. Many companies set aside a large portion of the Capitol only by the enormous costs of telecommunications and telecommunications costs they know that they have to pay. This huge amount is housed in a substantial part of their hard-earned profits. Search Precisely for this reason, business consulting telecommunications can with the minimum cost of telecommunications send and manage your telecommunications costs.

Secure Path Networks is a telecommunications consulting service that you reduce your telecommunications costs. Telecommunications costs are usually in five major categories of expenditure of a larger organization. Secure Path Networks has the perfect combination of people, business and technology to help agencies and organizations to help them realize the value of investments in telecommunications, while saving money.

Secure Path Networks aim is partner helps companies navigate away from the confusing process of choosing and implementing the right solution for telecommunications, which is specific to each customer. Secure Path Networks helps companies evaluate the cost, service contracts and software and hardware solutions that work for them. Secure Path Networks help in the implementation of the telecommunications perfect solution for customers who actually see your telecommunications costs reduction.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Computer Network Security Services

Computer Network Security Services

Computer Network Security ServicesA good network security ensures that your company meets the mandatory regulatory compliance because network security helps protect sensitive data and reduces the risk of legal action from affected parties due to data theft. Small business n. security also saves your company a lot of embarrassment by not getting bad media attention that follows any security breach, it also protects from unwanted (and usually expensive) disruptions. Ultimately, security ensures the protection of your most important asset - your business reputation. This article explains the concept of security in simple lay terms.

In short, security services measures are implemented to protect the computers in your office by ensuring their integrity, reliability, usability and safety of your computer network and data. Effective n. security targets a variety of threats and stops them from entering or spreading on your network.

Computer N. Security concepts

Network security starts from authenticating the user, commonly with a username and a password. Since this requires just one thing besides the user name, i.e. the password which is something you 'know', this is sometimes termed one factor authentication. With two factor authentication something you 'have' is also used (e.g. an ATM card, or your mobile phone), or with three factor authentication something you 'are' is also used (e.g. a fingerprint).

Once authenticated, a firewall enforces access policies such as what services are allowed to be accessed by the network users. Though effective to prevent unauthorized access, this component may fail to check potentially harmful content such as computer worms or Trojans being transmitted over the network. Anti-virus software or an intrusion prevention system (IPS) helps detect and inhibit the action of such malware. An anomaly-based intrusion detection system may also monitor the network and traffic for unexpected (i.e. suspicious) content or behavior and other anomalies to protect resources, e.g. from denial of service attacks or an employee accessing files at strange times. Individual events occurring on the network may be logged for audit purposes and for later high level analysis.

Implementation of N. Security

Network security and Wireless Network Security measures include but are not limited to installation of up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware, anti-adware, properly configured state-of-the-art firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and virtual private networks (VPN's), to ensure secure remote access.

Our network implementation solution consists of a number of services. These complement the design implementation and ongoing management of multi-service communications systems. Our computer network consulting services can be provided as a one-off project or as part of an ongoing management service as needs determine.

Our expertise at a glance:

• LAN/WAN networking and computer networking solutions
• Multi-service networking
• Network security
• Server and host networking
• Wireless networking
• Voice and data network integration

When implementing technology, robust implementation and deployment practices are essential. From planning, to installation, testing, rollout and even production - we can help you to ensure any new implementations are smooth, are delivered on time, and on budget.

Major Benefits of Network Security

A good network consulting services ensures that your company meets the mandatory regulatory compliance because network security helps protect sensitive data and reduces the risk of legal action from affected parties due to data theft. Network Security also saves your company a lot of embarrassment by not getting bad media attention that follows any security breach, it also protects from unwanted (and usually expensive) disruptions. Ultimately, network security ensures the protection of your most important asset - your business reputation.

For more information, please call BEL Network Integration & Support, LLC (BELNIS) a US web hosting and Computer network repair Company at (804) 796-2631. BELNIS has a 21-year track record for providing quality solutions to business establishments and government offices throughout Richmond & Tri-Cities area in the State of Virginia, USA.

Click for Server data backup and Computer network support.

BEL Network Integration & Support is a full service business integration company providing solutions to educational, commercial, state, and federal government clientele. We have enjoyed a reputation built on cost-effective pricing and quality performance to our customers over the years. We are a full service IT business systems company with an 21-year track record for providing quality solutions through innovative consulting, and delivering outstanding overall customer satisfaction. BEL is also a SWAM vendor certified by the State of Virginia to conduct business with this designation.




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